Alliant Power LubriGuard 16oz Fuel Treatment

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Alliant Power LubriGuard 16oz Fuel Treatment


AP0510 – 16oz Bottle Treats 125 Gallons.
LUBRIGUARD is our highly concentrated lubricating diesel fuel treatment with cetane
improver that provides superior fuel system protection for all diesel engines. LUBRIGUARD
has been developed using a unique combination of additives designed to supplement ULSD
and dry fuels that are known to cause premature wear of the fuel system.
■Lubricates fuel system reducing friction & wear
■Restores engine power and torque
■Increases cetane for improved engine combustion and smoother running
■Concentrated lubricant to reduce friction/wear from dry fuels such as: Jet A,
Kerosene, or #1 Diesel
■Helps maintain fuel system cleanliness
■Helps remove water by demulsification
■Stabilizes fuel and protects against gums, varnishes, and rust/corrosion
■Economical per gallon treat rate

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