Poison Spyder 17-05-010P1 Crusher Rear Fender Flares

$709.99 $669.99

SpyderShell Armor Coated for durability
Inner Brace kit for strength
3/16″ Thick Mounting Plate
Rubber Liners to keep debris from between the flare and the body

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The Jeep JK’s thin sheetmetal fenders and stock plastic flares are among the most vulnerable body components when traversing the trail. The Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flare™ kit improves both the aesthetics and durability of your Jeep during your off road adventures.

Poison Spyder Standard Width JK Crusher Flares™ provide tire coverage similar to the factory flares, with the added advantage of a better approach angle and outer tire clearance. Steel Crusher Flares™ and Poison Spyder’s exclusive Inner Brace system are the ultimate in front fender armor for your JK, with the toughness to withstand punishing scrapes with granite canyon walls.

This product is finished in black with Poison Spyder’s proprietary SpyderShell™ Armor Coat process.

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